Since we’re all actively seeking yield, I figured you might want to know about this promo (and I can be a bit of a smartass at the same time):

You can earn:
$70 for opening checking with $500 balance for 1 month
$70 for opening mm with $1000 balance for 1 month

Theoretically, if you put $500 in a new checking account for 1 month, the $70 equates to a 168% return on your cash (annualized) — and that’s not even including the interest you’ll earn in the account! (The interest on $500 at 0.75% will add up to $0.31, almost enough to cover the cost of a single stamp!)

The downside is that you have to spend the $70 return at

Obviously, if you choose to tie up $1000 in a money market account, that lowers your return significantly, to 112% annualized (mm and checking) or 84% if you only do the money market.

Now the important question… let’s see if this message gets past your spam filters… 😉