I just wanted to point out a couple of links I’ve added to our blogroll. The first is Minyanville, an unique online “town” of market-obsessed characters with a nack for out-of-the-box thinking. Their daily “Five Things You Need To Know (to stay ahead of the pack on Wall Street)” and “Random Thoughts” are priceless and wonderfully irreverant. Once you catch on to their style of dry, often subtle humor, you’ll feel right at home. The second is Economist’s View, a constant flow of articles and commentary on all things that might interest the economist in you, especially if you are Keynesian in your leaning. It’s a great place to read editorials from major papers that are normally subscription-only.

Also, I should mention that I’ve recently become a user of Bloglines. I was looking for a good RSS feed reader when I learned that this web-based service seems to be more favored that most download-and-install types. Given that I have a preference for all things web-based (see Meebo) because they are always “with me”, this fit the bill perfectly. I’ve already added Tasgall to my subscriptions.