I’m curious about what each Tasgall member does each day to keep a finger on the pulse of the world and the markets in particular.? For example, do you have a morning routine of blog reading or news watching?? What charts?and such do you check on a regular basis, if at all?? How often to you deal with your investments and in what manner?

My routine is constantly changing and growing, primarily because I’m constantly finding new sources of information from other people.? But this is what it typically involves:

  • A quick check of updated Bloglines feeds focused mainly on sites like Minyanville, Economist’s View, Big Picture, etc. and, of course, Tasgall.
  • Write something on Tasgall blog.
  • Log into Barchart.com ($) and check the latest futures charts for a general picture of commodities.
  • Pull up my FX accounts to see how things are looking.
  • Spend some time checking my personal finances to make sure everything is on track.
  • On weekends, rebalance my Uberman’s Portfolio (new).
  • Also on weekends, spend some hours throwing around new ideas and testing them.
  • In general, try to find?convergence between what I’m seeing and reading and hearing.

All in all, nothing too fancy or regimented, but it’s what I find myself doing day-to-day.? I’d like to peek into other people’s routines to see if I can adopt some good habits.