Since adding all the blogs from Ticker Sense to Bloglines, I’ve been going through them mostly with a virtual machete, finding most to be irrelevant to my style of investing or simply poor and uninteresting.? There are a few that are making a place in my daily coffee routine.? One that caught my eye this morning as likely to be of interest to you fellas is CXO Advisory, not because it’s the best blog ever but because it has a great cohesive structure and some very interesting research to share.? The perform inflationary and market forecasts based on the RTV and REY models (similar to the Fed Model) and give daily updates on the status of the market relative to these models.? They also have a great section called Guru Grades that attempts to quantify the success of internet investment guru’s predictions.? The current long-time leader of the list is Ken Fischer, and they have a very interesting article of his on the site.? All in all, an interesting bag of goodies to explore and chew on.? You will note that the market is currently moving in relative lockstep with the 2 models (which are, I grant you, lagging) and that, if you look at what the Bubble looked like, we aren’t in any way close to that kind of overvalued situation.? But then again, you know that.? At the very least, the articles at CXO are thoughtful in a quant sort of way.