A lot of people think that Japan has finally waken up from its long cold night, and has started a genuine long-term bull run.? With its currency still weak, the import business should continue to do well, and their central bank has a long way to go before interest rates become constrictive.

Right now the Nikkei is in a correction, which means it should be time to buy.? It’s testing the low of June, and if I’m wrong we’ll know very quickly (it will continue to go below the June low).? Now might be a good time to start buying some Japan weighted funds, I prefer EWJ or JOF. EWJ is an ETF that tracks the Nikkei 225.? JOF is a closed-end fund that focuses on Japanese small caps.? While it has typically traded at a premium to NAV, JOF is now at almost no premium (the NAV reporting is delayed, so it’s hard to know exactly).