I have never made money in the markets.? If you follow my advice, that is akin to strapping on a a piece of fishing line to your ankles and trying to bungee jump off a 1,000 foot bridge…..? Or, playing chicken with a freight train moving at 180 m.p.h. while the conductor is busy relieving himself in the bathroom.? Trust me… he won’t be chickening out at the last minute.? In that instance, you, like your account balance, will be left to waste if you follow my trades.? The plain truth is, I never EVER make money.? Don’t follow my trades.? AT. ALL.? It is a guaranteed way to destroy your account balance.? Even if you try and use my trades as a counter trend, you will lose out because that is going to be the very one-and-only day that I make money.? Once you realize that the I am right for the first time, and you get out, (or worse flip), the market will make a screeching halt and turn right back around making my winning trade a loser.? You’re doomed if you follow my advice.? Actually, you should look at my commentary as more like a good way to wake up in the morning and get a good laugh.? Nothing more.? And since my sarcasm rarely translates well over the internet, you probably won’t even get a good laugh.? Therefore, it would be impossible for you to get any value whatsoever out of this website.? Actually, this website could be thought of as the absolute opposite of what to do for websites.? But, then again, if you did the opposite, you would lose out yourself.? Basically, now matter how you look at it, you are doomed.? As for any individual out there that thinks I have some control over their account balance, this is for you:? YOU have YOUR finger on YOUR mouse that is connected to YOUR account that YOU. ARE. MAKING. DECISIONS. ON.? Not me.