Here is one of the best breakdowns of our current situation that I’ve read.? It is very “Kessler” in style, linking seemingly separate areas of the?world in a tangled web.? I’m particularly struck by the mention of buybacks (time to dust off that research again) and the possible leading strength of multinationals who can gain profits from a weak dollar.? Hmmm.? How to get a list of those companies?

It seems that the picture both of his models paint is one of swift movements both down and back up in a relatively short period of time.? I see the scenario of both playing out in sequence as being perfectly plausible given the sense of spring-loading that I get from the markets now.? It’s getting tighter and tighter.? I wouldn’t be surprised if the net outcome for the next two years is breakeven for “buy and hold”-ers of equities.? But with some timing, there could be great inflection points for positioning a portfolio.