I was visiting my commercial mail drop today to collect my mail.? All my mail is sent there and all my accounts show that address as my home address.? Nowhere is my name linked to my home address except in the records of utility companies, something I couldn’t avoid easily (though it is possible).? As I was leaving the maildrop, the proprietor informed me that a Durham County Sheriff had come in looking to serve me with papers.? One of the perks of having this maildrop as my address, besides getting tipped off,?is that?they can’t give out any information beyond “Yes, he has a box here.”??And, besides, not even the maildrop knows where I live or work.? Quicksilver 1, Sheriff 0.

So what’s this all about?? Well, while I can’t be 100% sure, you probably recall my stories of the crazy landlord who was pursuing me for an insane amount of bogus charges.? Well, a few months ago, the same maildrop person informed me that a “short, dark-haired woman” had come in looking for me.? The landlord.? So it sounds like the little witch hasn’t given up the fight.? My attorney advised me to just sit back and she will go away.? Well it seems she hasn’t yet, though the general concept of sitting back is still the right play because, LOL, she can’t find me!? I assume that eventually the sheriff will give up too.? They aren’t going to be her message boys forever, statute of limitations and all that.

So, what’s my point?? Privacy pays.? When I talked to some about my efforts?at hiding my residence and general comings and doings, I was given more than a few raised eyebrows and looks that said, “Paranoid much?”? People kept asking what in the world could be worth that kind of effort?? I guess people thought that privacy efforts were basically the domain of crazy, government-hating types living in Montana.? But the whole reason I went this route was because simple, everyday people are FREAKIN’ CRAZY sometimes.? We are all open to lawsuits and other forms of harassment (even as simple as junk mail) at every turn.? I never expected what turned out to be a horrible, vindictive nature in my landlord.? Had I not taken the preemptive measures I did, I’d be in court now fighting?to avoid?thousands of dollars in payments.? While I feel confident I’d win, there is a decent chance that a judge would just play Solomon and split the baby.? That’s still a lot of money.? It cost me little more than some time and?annoyance to “disappear” to a modest degree but it?has?saved me tons so far.? I still remains to be seen if they will find me to serve me those papers and I have slacked in some areas that I was more vigilant about in the past, but I feel pretty safe.? I could still accidently run into her or show up at the maildrop just as the sheriff does, but I’m going to be one big pain in the ass to find.