It’s times like these that I’m reminded of that chapter in Practical Speculation about the market “Mad Lib” where you could mimick the media’s attempts to explain market movement by plugging in random investment terms into a stock article.

Today the stock market moved higher/lower on news of higher/lower inflation/confidence/oil.? This is certainly bullish/bearish for stocks/bonds.

Mr. Pundit,?in case you haven’t noticed, the stock market is asleep/on vacation in Mexico?and is merely twitching from a bad/good dream/enchilada dinner.? You choose.? This is a Mad Lib after all.? It could care less right now what you/I think.? It basically hasn’t gone anywhere since late May/early June.? How much energy/time are you going to waste trying to describe it?? Sit down, shut up,?grab a beer, get laid, read a book/magazine, backtest some trading systems, play backgammon/chess, do anything BUT try to read/predict this market.? It has nothing to say…yet.? When it does, you’ll know.? These aren’t rallies/crashes.? This is noise.? Pure, simple, white/pink noise.? We have gotten so bored with the market we are starting to see/imagine things that aren’t there.? So be patient and try to tune into the bigger picture.? Take this time to lower your risk/increase the?alpha of your investments.? Be positioned according to your point of view but don’t try to predict every wave.

See that volume button?? That’s right.? BLAH, BLah, Blah, blah, bla, b…