I was watching TV today and, boy,?is my thumb tired.? Seriously, folks, I’m here all week.? And so is James Dicks according to this infomercial I just came across.? Who is James Dicks?? In a word: the devil (if you say anything about how that’s 2 words, I’ll be forced to get really, really mean).? And by devil I mean a con artist who gives currency trading a bad name.? This guy has been charged by the CFTC and others for forex scams and now he’s in our own backyard giving seminars all week in the RDU area.? This guy charges people $5500 for software that looks basically like a moving average crossover system and promises people they can quit their jobs and make 100% a month trading forex.? This just makes me sick.? Apparantly, this guy is the nephew of Charles Givens, the real estate quack, and has never made a dime trading any market.? I only wish I had the time to go to all of his shows and hand out fliers to save the gullible from selling their souls (this has been done apparantly).? But is it my responsibility to do that?? Don’t more gullible people mean more money to be made in the markets?? I can’t buy that.? At the end of the day, I’m not winning in the markets because of stupid people.? I think this does way more harm than good.? As someone who is trying to build a reputation on forex, this makes be look bad.? “Hey, I’m a currency trader.? Invest with?me.”? “Oh, you mean?like that?dick, James Dicks?” ?I don’t think the markets need exist to be a place to fleece people.? Where’s my fiddle?? Time to show the devil who can really play.