Well, today certainly looks to have been an interesting day in the commodities markets. In terms of the markets I watch, here are the big moves today:

  • Natural Gas down an amazing 10%, under $4.90
  • Silver down 2.2% and trading under $11
  • Gold down 1.7%, the October contract is trading at $580
  • Crude Oil down 1.1%, at $63 and change
  • Gold Stocks (HUI) are off by 4.5%

What’s going on? Has the economy melted down in the last 24 hours? Did a recession just hit us around noon today? Obviously no… but the market consensus on these appears to be shifting, and with it the support for the energy futures. Gold and silver is a different story, but one that requires a separate post…

While these commodities are all impressively down today, the one thing that was down today that had me the most shocked was…[drumroll…]


StockCharts is Down

I really like StockCharts and found myself without a few of my usual tools while it is offline!