The Wall Street Journal has won a Pulitzer Prize for their series on options backdating.? The paper has made all the articles on the topic available to those of us without subscriptions…

The Perfect Payday: CEOs Reap Millions by Landing Stock Options When They Are Most Valuable March 18
How the Journal Analyzed Stock-Options Grants March 18
Five More Companies Show Questionable Options Pattern May 22
At HealthSouth, an Options Issue May 31
Monster Worldwide Gave Officials Options Ahead of Share Run-Ups June 12
During 1990s, Microsoft Practiced Variation of Options Backdating June 16
Executive Pay: The 9/11 Factor July 15
Setting the Date: How One Tech Company Played With Timing of Stock Options July 20
Stock-Options Criminal Charge: Slush Fund and Fake Employees Aug. 10
In Internal Probes of Stock Options, Conflicts Abound Aug. 11
As Companies Probe Backdating, More Top Officials Take a Fall Oct. 12
McGuire Faces Pressure to Leave at UnitedHealth Oct. 14
Embattled CEO To Step Down At UnitedHealth Oct. 16
Stock-Options Scandal Fugitive Puts Roots Down in Namibia Nov. 17
How a Giant Insurer Decided to Oust Hugely Successful CEO Dec. 7
How Backdating Helped Executives Cut Their Taxes Dec. 12
Bosses’ Pay: How Stock Options Became Part of the Problem Dec. 27
Living Large and Bouncing Back Dec. 30