I got interested in Oaktree Capital Management after reading a little blurb about them raising close to a billion on private markets. I like Oaktree’s focus on inefficient and alternative markets, and I looked into what it would take to get some exposure to their expertise. I went to their website to cruise around and check them out.

I tried to click on their few links with pull-up menus at the bottom of the site and was unable to – Firefox wasn’t handling their poorly written ASP code. With IETab I was able to open the site and use their links, but already my experience had soured. Now I know they are an investment site and not an IT firm, but when I see a front sales/advertising portal for an alternative market investment firm, and they don’t natively support alternative web browsers natively (and seriously, Firefox has 15% of the browser market share), it makes me think about what else this company’s missing, what other details they aren’t aware of.

First impressions are important, and this impression left me thinking that Oaktree isn’t all that thorough.