With oil on everyone’s mind these days (and since Jason breached the topic), I’ve had one question nagging at me. Everyone seems to think that oil and gas have nowhere to go but up. If that assumption holds, then why wouldn’t everyone just buy all the oil futures they can, hold them and become rich? Or to put it another way, why doesn’t the supposedly efficient market just spike price all the way to $200-300/barrel if that is really where we are all but destined to go. Why the steady daily grind up? It’s the basic contrarian question: if everybody thinks it’s going up, doesn’t that put it into question that it’s going to happen?

Like all speculative bulls, they have to go through the motions. Rarely does a market have an instantaneous bubble rise. It takes time. But I can’t help but wonder if the minute everyone thinks it can’t ever come down that it will. If oil were destined to go up until it is replaced, then there really isn’t any point in even wasting one second investing anywhere else, is there?