It’s worth doing a quick review of personal finance tools…? while it’s fun to talk about the macro-economy, sometimes we just need to make sure our own little micro-corner of our personal finances are under control too.? The established players in the space are our old Quicken and MS Money:

I personally have a love/hate relationship with Quicken.? It is some of the worst software I’ve used, especially with the 2008 version.? It’s so bad that I would have stopped using it if it weren’t so darn useful.? A while back, I went looking for alternatives to Quicken or Money…

The main drawback to almost all of these is that they are online/website solutions.? Can I trust my personal finances to some company’s website?? Beyond the usual paranoia of trusting other people, some of the marketing material leaves me a little curious how serious their security really is.

Anyone tried these out and have some feedback or suggestions?