Amusing list from Dealbreaker, the Top 10 Reasons I Invested My Entire Fortune With Madoff:

1. But… he was self-administered! His costs for trading must have been so low!

2. Goldman did due diligence in 2001 [“no we didn’t”,“yes you did”] and they gave him a pass.

3. “C’mon… even if he does anything they will look the other way. He has friends on the inside!”

4. “I gave half to the preacher on television, and I gave half to the investment manager on television.”

5. “With all those parties, I figured he must be legit. You know… the Schwarzman rule.”

6. “I didn’t invest with Madoff. I invested with FGG. Their diligence process is serious business.”

7. “Screw FGG. Tremont is much more diligent.”

8. “You are both idiots. Pioneer Alternative has got my back.”

9. “He had the best Sharpe ratio in the whole world!”

10. “I said no comment. Oy vey.”

Pure Schadenfreude, but still amusing.