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Author G. Edward Griffin gets points in my book for his writing, and not just for the awesome title to his book The Creature from Jekyll Island. The book is actually about the creation of the Federal Reserve, and his book is apparently all the rage these days — it is sold out on Amazon.

More interesting, and more accessible (while Amazon is out of stock) is an interview he did with Financial Sense on February 28, 2009. You can stream it from their website or download it in mp3 format.

We all like to lambast the Fed and Treasury politicians officials for bumbling things so badly, but what if we consider the alternative? That things are going according to plan, and the plan is to create a totalitarian state?

From Chapter Two: The Name of the Game is Bailout:

The final solution on behalf of the banking cartel is to have the federal government guarantee payment of the loan should the borrower default in the future. This is accomplished by convincing Congress that not to do so would result in great damage to the economy and hardship for the people. From that point forward, the burden of the loan is removed from the bank’s ledger and transferred to the taxpayer.

Note that I don’t have the book, and am relying on this page for the text above.

A lot of people think Griffin is a kook, but I’ll leave that up to you… Also bear in mind, he wrote the book in 2002.

Originally found via ZenTrader.