Here’s a quick blurb from the latest Hussman Weekly Commentary

With mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures still pushing new records, and little reason from employment data (and particularly temporary hiring) to suggest a turnaround in job creation, it appears very likely that we will observe further deterioration in the balance sheets of major financials over the coming quarters. My impression is that significant balance sheet losses are already mounting unreported (but don’t show up in gleeful ?operating profits? because of weakened mark-to-market rules earlier this year). Eventually, push will come to shove, but it’s not clear when, so it’s not particularly useful to sit at the edge of one’s seat waiting for the other shoe to drop. It might very well take until next year. In any event, the likelihood is strong in my view that the credit crisis is not over. I believe it is a large mistake to treat current economic conditions as if we are in a typical post-war economic recovery.

Two very important points… we’re not out of the woods yet, and it may take a loooong time for the next shoe to drop.