In response to the comments from Data Set #1 post, I have created a second data set to lookup the PowerRating on each of the 500 stocks (large cap) in the S&P 500. I will bring a print-out of my findings to the upcoming Tasgall meeting and this will be the topic of my discussion. A summary of my findings are below:

PowerRating of 1 ?> none

PowerRating of 2 ?> 1 stock

PowerRating of 3 ?> 6 stocks

PowerRating of 4 ?> 112 stocks

PowerRating of 5 ?> 211 stocks

PowerRating of 6 ?> 153 stocks

PowerRating of 7 ?> 10 stocks

PowerRating of 8 or above -> None

Since TradingMarkets doesn’t seem to recommend buying any stocks other than 9’s or 10’s or shorting any stocks that aren’t 1’s, this is a pretty unactionable list.