This is the last batch of fresh Power Ratings that I have to report since I canceled my free trial tonight. I had to phone in to cancel and they guy gave me a hard time and asked tons of questions before he’d submit the cancel request. He tried to offer me a free month if I’d agree to pay for a month, then he wanted all sorts of info about my experiences and wanted me to compare them with other strategies that I’d tried. Anyway, the updated spreadsheet is attached: Power Ratings Worksheet

Continuing my ongoing daily reports on the latest Power Ratings, with the top Power Ratings for 7/14 listed below along with a status report of how all the other PR stocks throughout the week have performed. Please note that today and yesterday were significant down days on the market so I’m not expecting the PR stocks to have performed all that well. (more…)

Here’s the new batch of PowerRatings setups for Thursday, 7/13 plus an analysis of how the stocks with PRs from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are stacking up thus far… (more…)

This post discloses the next batch of PowerRatings for the 7/12 and comments on the results of yesterday’s PRs: (more…)

Here’s stocks with a PR of 9 today: NTG, ILE, IDCC (down 21% yesterday!), FSII, ENZ, DXPE, COGO, ASPV

Here’s stocks with a PR of 1 today: AD, GGXY, LSCP, SBIT

Note that COGO (down 5.72% yesterday) and ASPV (down 5.00% yesterday) were rated 9’s yesterday, so these are worth watching since they’ve been 9’s for 2 subsequent days.

FMD had a PR of 9 on 7/7, 7/10 and currently has a PR of 8 today 7/11. Just check out it’s 5 day chart to see just how bland it’s been…although it could be argued that it’s just a coiled spring. Quicksilver, do you see a chart pattern in FMD?

This will be the most juicy post thus far regarding PowerRatings. I signed up for the free trial (required a credit card, so I used one that’s set to expire on 7/31/2006–ha ha). I went straight to see the top 25 stocks with PowerRatings. They are posted below: (more…)

In response to the comments from Data Set #1 post, I have created a second data set to lookup the PowerRating on each of the 500 stocks (large cap) in the S&P 500. I will bring a print-out of my findings to the upcoming Tasgall meeting and this will be the topic of my discussion. A summary of my findings are below: (more…)

Well, I didn’t get much data that was worthwhile from Trading Market’s PowerRatings system. Since the free tool that they have available allows you to plug in one by one the stocks you’re interested in, I ran 3 separate screens from another site to create a bag of stocks to use. I just picked a random stock screening site and used their built-in screen to search for the best Value stocks, best Growth stocks, and stocks with Recent Brokerage Upgrades.


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