Here’s stocks with a PR of 9 today: NTG, ILE, IDCC (down 21% yesterday!), FSII, ENZ, DXPE, COGO, ASPV

Here’s stocks with a PR of 1 today: AD, GGXY, LSCP, SBIT

Note that COGO (down 5.72% yesterday) and ASPV (down 5.00% yesterday) were rated 9’s yesterday, so these are worth watching since they’ve been 9’s for 2 subsequent days.

FMD had a PR of 9 on 7/7, 7/10 and currently has a PR of 8 today 7/11. Just check out it’s 5 day chart to see just how bland it’s been…although it could be argued that it’s just a coiled spring. Quicksilver, do you see a chart pattern in FMD?