Continuing my ongoing daily reports on the latest Power Ratings, with the top Power Ratings for 7/14 listed below along with a status report of how all the other PR stocks throughout the week have performed. Please note that today and yesterday were significant down days on the market so I’m not expecting the PR stocks to have performed all that well.Stocks with a PR of 9 on 7/14:

  • OPTV (3.42) – 3rd day at 9
  • NOIZ (15.30) – newly minted 9, was 8 yesterday
  • LSCP (30.80) – newly minted 9, was 8 yesterday
  • KKD (7.55) – 2nd day at 9
  • JCOM (28.51) – 2nd day at 9
  • ILE (3.20) – 4th day at 9
  • IDCC (25.71) – back at 9 after a 1 day haitus (it was 8 )
  • ENZ (12.70) – back at 9 after a 2 day haitus (it was 8 )

It’s become too cumbersome to report individually on stock performance here, so I uploaded my spreadsheet that I was working on (the first draft got accidentally deleted, so I’m posting this in part to make sure I can retrieve it just in case!). See the Excel file attached for a detailed performance review of the stocks that have appeared on the PowerRatings site with a PR of 9. They have been performing extremely bad all week!

Power Ratings Worksheet