Money Markets are looking really good right now for safe money while we wait for several markets to get over their jitteriness. SECU raised their MM rates to 4.5% (4.6% APR). ING is cruising at 4.35%, but I suspect they will raise within the next 30 days. For parking your money in “cash” in your trading accounts, consider Vanguard’s MM account (VMMXX), which is currently posting a hefty 5.08% yield.

I just drastically scaled back my REIT positions after today’s crushing news from Toll brothers, Bill Gross’ sickening chart (see link within earlier post from Jason) and the additional failure of yesterday’s REIT market peak to hold out. I moved half of my REIT position into equal portions of Money Market (VMMXX) and Total Bond Market (VBMFX).

I’m percolating a blog post regarding REITs but it will take some time to make that post worthwhile.