Back on July 26 I wrote a quick note about Scottish Re (SCT) emphasizing the amount of cash they held relative to the market cap. Apparently the long downtrend was prescient about the prospects of the company at large. On July 31the stock price went into free-fall when they announced revisions to earnings and the CEO resigned.

The stock quickly dropped from $15 to a low of $3.50. Wow. After about two weeks of recovery it seems to have stabilized in the $6 to $8 range. In my previous post I said “wait for an uptrend” and that seems to have been the right approach — simply buying because of fundamentals would have been the equivalent to trying to catch a falling knife.

It’s also interesting to me to look at the technical indicators on the SCT chart. Having RSI below 30 is typically a sign of being over-sold, where SCT had an RSI below 30 for almost 3 months!

After all the carnage the stock was up 15% on Friday on rumors of a buyout. I don’t think Scottish is an Enron or a WorldCom… it is still a strong company and worth watching for a trend change (assuming they’re not bought outright). I might consider it again if it spends some time consolidating at current prices then breaks out above $8.