No, not the blog (or rather the blog of other blogs).? I mean specifically the alpha that they are seeking.? What is it?? Well alpha can be what Investopedia says it is but try this?on for size:

alpha = returns of?investment? ???(volatility of?investment / volatility of benchmark) * returns of benchmark

What this is is a measure of relative performance?or advantage.? To stand higher than a benchmark, like an index for example, an investment must not only provide higher returns but do so with proportionally lower volatility.? If an investment doubles the returns of the index but also doubles the volatility (i.e. risk), then the alpha is?zero and the investment provides no real advantage.? So the conclusion is seek alpha at all times.? Sounds easy enough, right?

Finding alpha is more important than ever, but it hasn?t become any easier.? And the cost is rising.

So investing is hard work.? But alpha is what you should work hard to find.