The Tasgall Group was formed in early 2006 to provide a roundtable for discussions about investments, trading, the markets, and the economy. When the group first met, they talked and enjoyed several Highland Tasgall Beers, and the name stuck.

Tasgall is an old Scottish word that means “cauldron of the gods”. The goal of the Tasgall Group is to peer into the cauldron and make some sense of what they see…

Our goal is to learn and share our learning with each other… in the process, providing constructive criticism, promoting personal growth, and to share in success and learning experiences.

Please let us know if you would like to reference any of the work on this site. If you’d like to contact the Tasgall Group or have a question about some of the content here, you can send us an email via Questions (at) Tasgall (dot) com.

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