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Ever wondered how or where to open up an IRA for trading things other than stocks, such as futures and forex?? Consider a custodial trust?company that can approve various types of trading accounts for an IRA setup.? I think as long as the broker can prove that there are automatic safeguards in place that prevent the account ever going into debit such that you owe money, then it can be approved.? This is why margin accounts are allowed because most have automatic margin call procedures that prevent you from ever losing more than the amount in your account.

Here are a few:

Entrust Administration

Equity Trust Co.

Millennium Trust Company

I don’t have any knowledge of these firms to recommend?one and there may be more, but these are the few I’ve heard of.

By opening a FXTrade account at Oanda, which costs you nothing, has no obligations to trade and no minimum deposit, they pay 4.7% interest on USD deposits compounded daily.? Four point SEVEN just to have your money sit there.? I don’t think there is a savings account at any bank that can match that while giving you the option to invest in alternative currencies. The only better rate with no minimum on OneUnited Bank at 4.91%.? So for a trading account 4.7% is?very attractive.

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